About Youthology

Dr. Lisa Lee

Hi, I’m Dr. Lisa Lee.

I'm a 4-time award-winning dermatologist and the founder of Youthology. My team and I are dedicated to making women look and feel years younger without harmful, pricey treatments like botox.

Why Youthology Began

Since botox gained popularity among women over 40, I was alarmed by the number of female patients I saw with irreversible side effects. The most notable is muscle weakness which can lead to lazy eyes. Botox can also leave your face swollen and bruised after treatment.

So, I thought, “there must be a harmless alternative to maintain our youthful beauty”.

After months of research, I realized. There are ‘off-the-shelf’ alternatives but none of them give custom-tailored anti-aging results. They’re all based on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ methodology.

From my experience, one size does NOT fit all when it comes to skincare.

There are over 8 billion people on the planet, and none have skin like yours. Your skin is unique (and deficient) in different areas. That’s what makes you, you - and me, me!

My team and I got to work, developing a methodology to give women over 40 a custom solution to their aging concerns. A solution that is specifically tailored to their skin, and their skin alone.

That solution is Youthology.

We've helped over 30,000 women across the planet switch from harmful treatments such as botox to Youthology's custom serum program. Women love, use, and trust their Youthology serums every single day!

How Youthology Works So Well

After a certain age, your skin loses up to 85% of its collagen and elastin. By focusing your serum around this concern, we're able to deliver more visible, and permanent results.

We use a unique ratio of naturally occurring organic compound ingredients like sandalwood, retinol and NMN which have no side effects and zero toxicity.

This unique ratio of ingredients needs to be just right for it to work best on your skin. That’s why we ask every customer to take our Skin Profile Quiz™. This helps my team know which ratio of ingredients will work best for you.

This is how you can achieve such incredible results in just 90 days.

Other products don't nourish your deficiencies like our custom serum does, which is how Youthology reverses wrinkles, smoothes lines, firms skin, and turns back the clock.

It will flood your skin cells with everything needed to replenish, rejuvenate, and replace old skin cells with fresh new ones, making you look younger by a decade.


Take our Skin Profile Quiz™ to start your anti-aging journey today.

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